Class GcsFilesetSpec (3.9.1)

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GcsFilesetSpec(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Describes a Cloud Storage fileset entry.


file_patterns Sequence[str]
Required. Patterns to identify a set of files in Google Cloud Storage. For more information, see [Wildcard Names] ( Note: Currently, bucket wildcards are not supported. Examples of valid ``file_patterns``: - ``gs://bucket_name/dir/*``: matches all files in ``bucket_name/dir`` directory - ``gs://bucket_name/dir/**``: matches all files in ``bucket_name/dir`` and all subdirectories - ``gs://bucket_name/file*``: matches files prefixed by ``file`` in ``bucket_name`` - ``gs://bucket_name/??.txt``: matches files with two characters followed by ``.txt`` in ``bucket_name`` - ``gs://bucket_name/[aeiou].txt``: matches files that contain a single vowel character followed by ``.txt`` in ``bucket_name`` - ``gs://bucket_name/[a-m].txt``: matches files that contain ``a``, ``b``, ... or ``m`` followed by ``.txt`` in ``bucket_name`` - ``gs://bucket_name/a/*/b``: matches all files in ``bucket_name`` that match the ``a/*/b`` pattern, such as ``a/c/b``, ``a/d/b`` - ``gs://another_bucket/a.txt``: matches ``gs://another_bucket/a.txt`` You can combine wildcards to match complex sets of files, for example: ``gs://bucket_name/[a-m]??.j*g``
sample_gcs_file_specs Sequence[]
Output only. Sample files contained in this fileset, not all files contained in this fileset are represented here.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > GcsFilesetSpec