Class Tag (0.8.2)

Tags are used to attach custom metadata to Data Catalog resources. Tags conform to the specifications within their tag template.

See Data Catalog IAM <>__ for information on the permissions needed to create or view tags.

Required. The resource name of the tag template that this tag uses. Example: - projects/{project_id}/locations/{location}/ tagTemplates/{tag_template_id} This field cannot be modified after creation.

The scope within the parent resource that this tag is attached to. If not provided, the tag is attached to the parent resource itself. Deleting the scope from the parent resource will delete all tags attached to that scope. These fields cannot be updated after creation.

Required. This maps the ID of a tag field to the value of and additional information about that field. Valid field IDs are defined by the tag’s template. A tag must have at least 1 field and at most 500 fields.



API documentation for datacatalog_v1.types.Tag.FieldsEntry class.