Class StorageError (2.24.0)

StorageError(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Structured custom BigQuery Storage error message. The error can be attached as error details in the returned rpc Status. In particular, the use of error codes allows more structured error handling, and reduces the need to evaluate unstructured error text strings.


BigQuery Storage specific error code.
entity str
Name of the failed entity.
error_message str
Message that describes the error.




Error code for StorageError.

Values: STORAGE_ERROR_CODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default error. TABLE_NOT_FOUND (1): Table is not found in the system. STREAM_ALREADY_COMMITTED (2): Stream is already committed. STREAM_NOT_FOUND (3): Stream is not found. INVALID_STREAM_TYPE (4): Invalid Stream type. For example, you try to commit a stream that is not pending. INVALID_STREAM_STATE (5): Invalid Stream state. For example, you try to commit a stream that is not finalized or is garbaged. STREAM_FINALIZED (6): Stream is finalized. SCHEMA_MISMATCH_EXTRA_FIELDS (7): There is a schema mismatch and it is caused by user schema has extra field than bigquery schema. OFFSET_ALREADY_EXISTS (8): Offset already exists. OFFSET_OUT_OF_RANGE (9): Offset out of range. CMEK_NOT_PROVIDED (10): Customer-managed encryption key (CMEK) not provided for CMEK-enabled data. INVALID_CMEK_PROVIDED (11): Customer-managed encryption key (CMEK) was incorrectly provided. CMEK_ENCRYPTION_ERROR (12): There is an encryption error while using customer-managed encryption key. KMS_SERVICE_ERROR (13): Key Management Service (KMS) service returned an error, which can be retried. KMS_PERMISSION_DENIED (14): Permission denied while using customer-managed encryption key.