Class ListModelEvaluationsRequest (2.13.3)

ListModelEvaluationsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for AutoMl.ListModelEvaluations.


parent str
Required. Resource name of the model to list the model evaluations for. If modelId is set as "-", this will list model evaluations from across all models of the parent location.
filter str
An expression for filtering the results of the request. - annotation_spec_id - for =, != or existence. See example below for the last. Some examples of using the filter are: - annotation_spec_id!=4 --> The model evaluation was done for annotation spec with ID different than 4. - NOT annotation_spec_id:* --> The model evaluation was done for aggregate of all annotation specs.
page_size int
Requested page size.
page_token str
A token identifying a page of results for the server to return. Typically obtained via ListModelEvaluationsResponse.next_page_token of the previous AutoMl.ListModelEvaluations call.