Class TypeCode (2.13.2)


TypeCode is used as a part of DataType.

Values: TYPE_CODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Not specified. Should not be used. FLOAT64 (3): Encoded as number, or the strings "NaN", "Infinity", or "-Infinity". TIMESTAMP (4): Must be between 0AD and 9999AD. Encoded as string according to time_format, or, if that format is not set, then in RFC 3339 date-time format, where time-offset = "Z" (e.g. 1985-04-12T23:20:50.52Z). STRING (6): Encoded as string. ARRAY (8): Encoded as list, where the list elements are represented according to

    <xref uid="">list_element_type</xref>.
    Encoded as `struct`, where field values are represented
    according to
    <xref uid="">struct_type</xref>.
    Values of this type are not further understood by AutoML,
    e.g. AutoML is unable to tell the order of values (as it
    could with FLOAT64), or is unable to say if one value
    contains another (as it could with STRING). Encoded as
    `string` (bytes should be base64-encoded, as described in
    RFC 4648, section 4).