Class ListContextsRequest (1.1.1)

ListContextsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for MetadataService.ListContexts


Name Description
parent str
Required. The MetadataStore whose Contexts should be listed. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}/metadataStores/{metadatastore}
page_size int
The maximum number of Contexts to return. The service may return fewer. Must be in range 1-1000, inclusive. Defaults to 100.
page_token str
A page token, received from a previous MetadataService.ListContexts call. Provide this to retrieve the subsequent page. When paginating, all other provided parameters must match the call that provided the page token. (Otherwise the request will fail with INVALID_ARGUMENT error.)
filter str
Filter specifying the boolean condition for the Contexts to satisfy in order to be part of the result set. The syntax to define filter query is based on Following are the supported set of filters: - **Attribute filtering**: For example: ``display_name = "test"``. Supported fields include: ``name``, ``display_name``, ``schema_title``, ``create_time``, and ``update_time``. Time fields, such as ``create_time`` and ``update_time``, require values specified in RFC-3339 format. For example: ``create_time = "2020-11-19T11:30:00-04:00"``. - **Metadata field**: To filter on metadata fields use traversal operation as follows: ``metadata.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > ListContextsRequest