Method: projects.subscriptions.create

Creates a subscription to a given topic. See the resource name rules. If the subscription already exists, returns ALREADY_EXISTS. If the corresponding topic doesn't exist, returns NOT_FOUND.

If the name is not provided in the request, the server will assign a random name for this subscription on the same project as the topic, conforming to the resource name format. The generated name is populated in the returned Subscription object. Note that for REST API requests, you must specify a name in the request.

HTTP request


Path parameters



Name of the subscription. Format is projects/{project}/subscriptions/{sub}.

Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation
  "topic": string,
  "pushConfig": {
  "ackDeadlineSeconds": number,
  "retainAckedMessages": boolean,
  "messageRetentionDuration": string,
  "labels": {
    string: string,


The name of the topic from which this subscription is receiving messages. Format is projects/{project}/topics/{topic}. The value of this field will be _deleted-topic_ if the topic has been deleted.



If push delivery is used with this subscription, this field is used to configure it. An empty pushConfig signifies that the subscriber will pull and ack messages using API methods.



This value is the maximum time after a subscriber receives a message before the subscriber should acknowledge the message. After message delivery but before the ack deadline expires and before the message is acknowledged, it is an outstanding message and will not be delivered again during that time (on a best-effort basis).

For pull subscriptions, this value is used as the initial value for the ack deadline. To override this value for a given message, call subscriptions.modifyAckDeadline with the corresponding ackId if using non-streaming pull or send the ackId in a StreamingModifyAckDeadlineRequest if using streaming pull. The minimum custom deadline you can specify is 10 seconds. The maximum custom deadline you can specify is 600 seconds (10 minutes). If this parameter is 0, a default value of 10 seconds is used.

For push delivery, this value is also used to set the request timeout for the call to the push endpoint.

If the subscriber never acknowledges the message, the Pub/Sub system will eventually redeliver the message.



Indicates whether to retain acknowledged messages. If true, then messages are not expunged from the subscription's backlog, even if they are acknowledged, until they fall out of the messageRetentionDuration window. This must be true if you would like to to a timestamp.

BETA: This feature is part of a beta release. This API might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and is not recommended for production use. It is not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.


string (Duration format)

How long to retain unacknowledged messages in the subscription's backlog, from the moment a message is published. If retainAckedMessages is true, then this also configures the retention of acknowledged messages, and thus configures how far back in time a can be done. Defaults to 7 days. Cannot be more than 7 days or less than 10 minutes.

BETA: This feature is part of a beta release. This API might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and is not recommended for production use. It is not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.

A duration in seconds with up to nine fractional digits, terminated by 's'. Example: "3.5s".


map (key: string, value: string)

See Creating and managing labels.

An object containing a list of "key": value pairs. Example: { "name": "wrench", "mass": "1.3kg", "count": "3" }.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains a newly created instance of Subscription.

Authorization Scopes

Requires one of the following OAuth scopes:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.

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