Profiler interface overview

To start the Profiler interface, select Profiler in the navigation panel of the Google Cloud Console or use the following button:

Go to Profiler

The following annotated screenshot illustrates the Stackdriver Profiler interface:

Annotated Stackdriver Profiler interface.

  1. The buttons and menus that you use to determine which profiles are used to construct the flame graph. For more information, see Selecting the profiles to be analyzed.
  2. The button you use to display a list of functions along with the total and self metric consumption. For information on using this button, see Using the focus list.
  3. Lists the filters that have been added. Filters control how the selected profilers are visualized. For example, you can add a filter to hide particular frames. For more information, see Using filters.
  4. The visual display of the profile data. For more information about flame graphs and how you can use your pointer to change the display, see Interacting with the flame graph.
  5. The button you use to open the Stackdriver Profiler documentation.
  6. The button you use to download the displayed profile to your local system. For more information, see Downloading profiles.

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