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Media: articles and videos

This page provides links to articles and videos related to Cloud Profiler.


Cloud Profiler provides app performance insights, without the overhead
This article looks at elements of Profiler's architecture that lets it collect and aggregate production performance data while placing a negligible penalty on your application.
January 2021

How Mercari reduced request latency by 15% with Cloud Profiler
Japanese online retailer Mercari shows how they used Cloud Profiler and Cloud Trace to understand a complex microservices-based application running on Google Cloud so they could meet rigorous SLOs.
November 2020

Understand production performance with Cloud Profiler history view
This article introduces the history view which lets you view the performance of a single function or a group of functions over time.
September 2020

See how your code actually executes with Cloud Profiler, now GA
This article describes how you can use Profiler in your production environment and highlights customer success stories.
June 2019

Cloud Profiler adds more languages and new analysis features
This article illustrates how you can use Profiler to analyze worst-case performance, identify high impact functions, and view your application's details.
February 2019

Introducing Stackdriver APM and Stackdriver Profiler
This article introduces Cloud Profiler which you can use to profile and explore how your code executes in a production environment.
March 2018


Using APM Deep Insights to Quickly Dive Into a Problem
This video introduces the Application Performance Management tools and covers how Profiler can give you insight into your application's performance.
Cloud Next '19