Package @google-cloud/shell (2.0.4)


Represents a CustomHttpPattern.

Represents a Http.

Represents a HttpRule.

Represents a ResourceDescriptor.

Represents a ResourceReference.

Represents an AddPublicKeyMetadata.

Represents an AddPublicKeyRequest.

Represents an AddPublicKeyResponse.

Represents an AuthorizeEnvironmentMetadata.

Represents an AuthorizeEnvironmentRequest.

Represents an AuthorizeEnvironmentResponse.

Represents a CloudShellErrorDetails.

Represents a CloudShellService

Represents a CreateEnvironmentMetadata.

Represents a DeleteEnvironmentMetadata.

Represents an Environment.

Represents a GetEnvironmentRequest.

Represents a RemovePublicKeyMetadata.

Represents a RemovePublicKeyRequest.

Represents a RemovePublicKeyResponse.

Represents a StartEnvironmentMetadata.

Represents a StartEnvironmentRequest.

Represents a StartEnvironmentResponse.

Represents a CancelOperationRequest.

Represents a DeleteOperationRequest.

Represents a GetOperationRequest.

Represents a ListOperationsRequest.

Represents a ListOperationsResponse.

Represents an Operation.

Represents an OperationInfo.

Represents an Operations

Represents a WaitOperationRequest.

Represents an Any.

Represents a DescriptorProto.

Represents an ExtensionRange.

Represents a ReservedRange.

Represents a Duration.

Represents an Empty.

Represents an EnumDescriptorProto.

Represents an EnumReservedRange.

Represents an EnumOptions.

Represents an EnumValueDescriptorProto.

Represents an EnumValueOptions.

Represents an ExtensionRangeOptions.

Represents a FieldDescriptorProto.

Represents a FieldMask.

Represents a FieldOptions.

Represents a FileDescriptorProto.

Represents a FileDescriptorSet.

Represents a FileOptions.

Represents a GeneratedCodeInfo.

Represents an Annotation.

Represents a MessageOptions.

Represents a MethodDescriptorProto.

Represents a MethodOptions.

Represents an OneofDescriptorProto.

Represents an OneofOptions.

Represents a ServiceDescriptorProto.

Represents a ServiceOptions.

Represents a SourceCodeInfo.

Represents a Location.

Represents a Timestamp.

Represents an UninterpretedOption.

Represents a NamePart.

Represents a Status.


API for interacting with Google Cloud Shell. Each user of Cloud Shell has at least one environment, which has the ID "default". Environment consists of a Docker image defining what is installed on the environment and a home directory containing the user's data that will remain across sessions. Clients use this API to start and fetch information about their environment, which can then be used to connect to that environment via a separate SSH client. v1


Properties of a CustomHttpPattern.

Properties of a Http.

Properties of a HttpRule.

Properties of a ResourceDescriptor.

Properties of a ResourceReference.

Properties of an AddPublicKeyMetadata.

Properties of an AddPublicKeyRequest.

Properties of an AddPublicKeyResponse.

Properties of an AuthorizeEnvironmentMetadata.

Properties of an AuthorizeEnvironmentRequest.

Properties of an AuthorizeEnvironmentResponse.

Properties of a CloudShellErrorDetails.

Properties of a CreateEnvironmentMetadata.

Properties of a DeleteEnvironmentMetadata.

Properties of an Environment.

Properties of a GetEnvironmentRequest.

Properties of a RemovePublicKeyMetadata.

Properties of a RemovePublicKeyRequest.

Properties of a RemovePublicKeyResponse.

Properties of a StartEnvironmentMetadata.

Properties of a StartEnvironmentRequest.

Properties of a StartEnvironmentResponse.

Properties of a CancelOperationRequest.

Properties of a DeleteOperationRequest.

Properties of a GetOperationRequest.

Properties of a ListOperationsRequest.

Properties of a ListOperationsResponse.

Properties of an Operation.

Properties of an OperationInfo.

Properties of a WaitOperationRequest.

Properties of an ExtensionRange.

Properties of a ReservedRange.

Properties of an EnumReservedRange.

Properties of an Annotation.

Properties of an Any.

Properties of a DescriptorProto.

Properties of a Duration.

Properties of an Empty.

Properties of an EnumDescriptorProto.

Properties of an EnumOptions.

Properties of an EnumValueDescriptorProto.

Properties of an EnumValueOptions.

Properties of an ExtensionRangeOptions.

Properties of a FieldDescriptorProto.

Properties of a FieldMask.

Properties of a FieldOptions.

Properties of a FileDescriptorProto.

Properties of a FileDescriptorSet.

Properties of a FileOptions.

Properties of a GeneratedCodeInfo.

Properties of a MessageOptions.

Properties of a MethodDescriptorProto.

Properties of a MethodOptions.

Properties of an OneofDescriptorProto.

Properties of an OneofOptions.

Properties of a ServiceDescriptorProto.

Properties of a ServiceOptions.

Properties of a SourceCodeInfo.

Properties of a Timestamp.

Properties of an UninterpretedOption.

Properties of a Location.

Properties of a NamePart.

Properties of a Status.


FieldBehavior enum.

History enum.

Style enum.

CloudShellErrorCode enum.

State enum.

State enum.

Label enum.

Type enum.

CType enum.

JSType enum.

OptimizeMode enum.

Semantic enum.

IdempotencyLevel enum.



_default: {
    v1: typeof v1;
    CloudShellServiceClient: typeof v1.CloudShellServiceClient;


CloudShellServiceClient: typeof v1.CloudShellServiceClient

Type Aliases


declare type CloudShellServiceClient = v1.CloudShellServiceClient;

type AddPublicKeyCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.Operation) => void;

Callback as used by .

type AuthorizeEnvironmentCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.Operation) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetEnvironmentCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: => void;

Callback as used by .

type RemovePublicKeyCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.Operation) => void;

Callback as used by .

type StartEnvironmentCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.Operation) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CancelOperationCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteOperationCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetOperationCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.Operation) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListOperationsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.ListOperationsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type WaitOperationCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.longrunning.Operation) => void;

Callback as used by .