Package @google-cloud/monitoring (3.0.3)


Represents a CustomHttpPattern.

Represents a Distribution.

Represents a BucketOptions.

Represents an Explicit.

Represents an Exponential.

Represents a Linear.

Represents an Exemplar.

Represents a Range.

Represents a Http.

Represents a HttpRule.

Represents a LabelDescriptor.

Represents a Metric.

Represents a MetricDescriptor.

Represents a MetricDescriptorMetadata.

Represents a MonitoredResource.

Represents a MonitoredResourceDescriptor.

Represents a MonitoredResourceMetadata.

Represents a ResourceDescriptor.

Represents a ResourceReference.

Represents an Aggregation.

Represents an AlertPolicy.

Represents a Condition.

Represents a MetricAbsence.

Represents a MetricThreshold.

Represents a MonitoringQueryLanguageCondition.

Represents a Trigger.

Represents a Documentation.

Represents an AlertPolicyService

Represents a BasicSli.

Represents an AvailabilityCriteria.

Represents a LatencyCriteria.

Represents a CreateAlertPolicyRequest.

Represents a CreateGroupRequest.

Represents a CreateMetricDescriptorRequest.

Represents a CreateNotificationChannelRequest.

Represents a CreateServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Represents a CreateServiceRequest.

Represents a CreateTimeSeriesError.

Represents a CreateTimeSeriesRequest.

Represents a CreateTimeSeriesSummary.

Represents an Error.

Represents a CreateUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Represents a DeleteAlertPolicyRequest.

Represents a DeleteGroupRequest.

Represents a DeleteMetricDescriptorRequest.

Represents a DeleteNotificationChannelRequest.

Represents a DeleteServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Represents a DeleteServiceRequest.

Represents a DeleteUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Represents a DistributionCut.

Represents a DroppedLabels.

Represents a GetAlertPolicyRequest.

Represents a GetGroupRequest.

Represents a GetMetricDescriptorRequest.

Represents a GetMonitoredResourceDescriptorRequest.

Represents a GetNotificationChannelDescriptorRequest.

Represents a GetNotificationChannelRequest.

Represents a GetNotificationChannelVerificationCodeRequest.

Represents a GetNotificationChannelVerificationCodeResponse.

Represents a GetServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Represents a GetServiceRequest.

Represents a GetUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Represents a Group.

Represents a GroupService

Represents an InternalChecker.

Represents a LabelValue.

Represents a ListAlertPoliciesRequest.

Represents a ListAlertPoliciesResponse.

Represents a ListGroupMembersRequest.

Represents a ListGroupMembersResponse.

Represents a ListGroupsRequest.

Represents a ListGroupsResponse.

Represents a ListMetricDescriptorsRequest.

Represents a ListMetricDescriptorsResponse.

Represents a ListMonitoredResourceDescriptorsRequest.

Represents a ListMonitoredResourceDescriptorsResponse.

Represents a ListNotificationChannelDescriptorsRequest.

Represents a ListNotificationChannelDescriptorsResponse.

Represents a ListNotificationChannelsRequest.

Represents a ListNotificationChannelsResponse.

Represents a ListServiceLevelObjectivesRequest.

Represents a ListServiceLevelObjectivesResponse.

Represents a ListServicesRequest.

Represents a ListServicesResponse.

Represents a ListTimeSeriesRequest.

Represents a ListTimeSeriesResponse.

Represents a ListUptimeCheckConfigsRequest.

Represents a ListUptimeCheckConfigsResponse.

Represents a ListUptimeCheckIpsRequest.

Represents a ListUptimeCheckIpsResponse.

Represents a MetricService

Represents a MutationRecord.

Represents a NotificationChannel.

Represents a NotificationChannelDescriptor.

Represents a NotificationChannelService

Represents a Point.

Represents a QueryError.

Represents a QueryErrorList.

Represents a QueryService

Represents a QueryTimeSeriesRequest.

Represents a QueryTimeSeriesResponse.

Represents a Range.

Represents a RequestBasedSli.

Represents a SendNotificationChannelVerificationCodeRequest.

Represents a Service.

Represents an AppEngine.

Represents a CloudEndpoints.

Represents a ClusterIstio.

Represents a Custom.

Represents an IstioCanonicalService.

Represents a MeshIstio.

Represents a Telemetry.

Represents a ServiceLevelIndicator.

Represents a ServiceLevelObjective.

Represents a ServiceMonitoringService

Represents a SpanContext.

Represents a TextLocator.

Represents a Position.

Represents a TimeInterval.

Represents a TimeSeries.

Represents a TimeSeriesData.

Represents a PointData.

Represents a TimeSeriesDescriptor.

Represents a ValueDescriptor.

Represents a TimeSeriesRatio.

Represents a TypedValue.

Represents an UpdateAlertPolicyRequest.

Represents an UpdateGroupRequest.

Represents an UpdateNotificationChannelRequest.

Represents an UpdateServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Represents an UpdateServiceRequest.

Represents an UpdateUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Represents an UptimeCheckConfig.

Represents a ContentMatcher.

Represents a HttpCheck.

Represents a BasicAuthentication.

Represents a ResourceGroup.

Represents a TcpCheck.

Represents an UptimeCheckIp.

Represents an UptimeCheckService

Represents a VerifyNotificationChannelRequest.

Represents a WindowsBasedSli.

Represents a MetricRange.

Represents a PerformanceThreshold.

Represents an Any.

Represents a BoolValue.

Represents a BytesValue.

Represents a DescriptorProto.

Represents an ExtensionRange.

Represents a ReservedRange.

Represents a DoubleValue.

Represents a Duration.

Represents an Empty.

Represents an EnumDescriptorProto.

Represents an EnumReservedRange.

Represents an EnumOptions.

Represents an EnumValueDescriptorProto.

Represents an EnumValueOptions.

Represents an ExtensionRangeOptions.

Represents a FieldDescriptorProto.

Represents a FieldMask.

Represents a FieldOptions.

Represents a FileDescriptorProto.

Represents a FileDescriptorSet.

Represents a FileOptions.

Represents a FloatValue.

Represents a GeneratedCodeInfo.

Represents an Annotation.

Represents an Int32Value.

Represents an Int64Value.

Represents a ListValue.

Represents a MessageOptions.

Represents a MethodDescriptorProto.

Represents a MethodOptions.

Represents an OneofDescriptorProto.

Represents an OneofOptions.

Represents a ServiceDescriptorProto.

Represents a ServiceOptions.

Represents a SourceCodeInfo.

Represents a Location.

Represents a StringValue.

Represents a Struct.

Represents a Timestamp.

Represents a UInt32Value.

Represents a UInt64Value.

Represents an UninterpretedOption.

Represents a NamePart.

Represents a Value.

Represents a Status.


The AlertPolicyService API is used to manage (list, create, delete, edit) alert policies in Stackdriver Monitoring. An alerting policy is a description of the conditions under which some aspect of your system is considered to be "unhealthy" and the ways to notify people or services about this state. In addition to using this API, alert policies can also be managed through [Stackdriver Monitoring](, which can be reached by clicking the "Monitoring" tab in [Cloud Console]( v3


The Group API lets you inspect and manage your [groups](#google.monitoring.v3.Group).

A group is a named filter that is used to identify a collection of monitored resources. Groups are typically used to mirror the physical and/or logical topology of the environment. Because group membership is computed dynamically, monitored resources that are started in the future are automatically placed in matching groups. By using a group to name monitored resources in, for example, an alert policy, the target of that alert policy is updated automatically as monitored resources are added and removed from the infrastructure. v3


Manages metric descriptors, monitored resource descriptors, and time series data. v3


The Notification Channel API provides access to configuration that controls how messages related to incidents are sent. v3


The QueryService API is used to manage time series data in Stackdriver Monitoring. Time series data is a collection of data points that describes the time-varying values of a metric. v3


The Cloud Monitoring Service-Oriented Monitoring API has endpoints for managing and querying aspects of a workspace's services. These include the Service's monitored resources, its Service-Level Objectives, and a taxonomy of categorized Health Metrics. v3


The UptimeCheckService API is used to manage (list, create, delete, edit) Uptime check configurations in the Stackdriver Monitoring product. An Uptime check is a piece of configuration that determines which resources and services to monitor for availability. These configurations can also be configured interactively by navigating to the [Cloud Console] (, selecting the appropriate project, clicking on "Monitoring" on the left-hand side to navigate to Stackdriver, and then clicking on "Uptime". v3


Properties of an Explicit.

Properties of an Exponential.

Properties of a Linear.

Properties of a BucketOptions.

Properties of an Exemplar.

Properties of a Range.

Properties of a CustomHttpPattern.

Properties of a Distribution.

Properties of a Http.

Properties of a HttpRule.

Properties of a LabelDescriptor.

Properties of a Metric.

Properties of a MetricDescriptor.

Properties of a MonitoredResource.

Properties of a MonitoredResourceDescriptor.

Properties of a MonitoredResourceMetadata.

Properties of a ResourceDescriptor.

Properties of a ResourceReference.

Properties of a MetricDescriptorMetadata.

Properties of a MetricAbsence.

Properties of a MetricThreshold.

Properties of a MonitoringQueryLanguageCondition.

Properties of a Trigger.

Properties of a Condition.

Properties of a Documentation.

Properties of an AvailabilityCriteria.

Properties of a LatencyCriteria.

Properties of an Error.

Properties of an Aggregation.

Properties of an AlertPolicy.

Properties of a BasicSli.

Properties of a CreateAlertPolicyRequest.

Properties of a CreateGroupRequest.

Properties of a CreateMetricDescriptorRequest.

Properties of a CreateNotificationChannelRequest.

Properties of a CreateServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Properties of a CreateServiceRequest.

Properties of a CreateTimeSeriesError.

Properties of a CreateTimeSeriesRequest.

Properties of a CreateTimeSeriesSummary.

Properties of a CreateUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Properties of a DeleteAlertPolicyRequest.

Properties of a DeleteGroupRequest.

Properties of a DeleteMetricDescriptorRequest.

Properties of a DeleteNotificationChannelRequest.

Properties of a DeleteServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Properties of a DeleteServiceRequest.

Properties of a DeleteUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Properties of a DistributionCut.

Properties of a DroppedLabels.

Properties of a GetAlertPolicyRequest.

Properties of a GetGroupRequest.

Properties of a GetMetricDescriptorRequest.

Properties of a GetMonitoredResourceDescriptorRequest.

Properties of a GetNotificationChannelDescriptorRequest.

Properties of a GetNotificationChannelRequest.

Properties of a GetNotificationChannelVerificationCodeRequest.

Properties of a GetNotificationChannelVerificationCodeResponse.

Properties of a GetServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Properties of a GetServiceRequest.

Properties of a GetUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Properties of a Group.

Properties of an InternalChecker.

Properties of a LabelValue.

Properties of a ListAlertPoliciesRequest.

Properties of a ListAlertPoliciesResponse.

Properties of a ListGroupMembersRequest.

Properties of a ListGroupMembersResponse.

Properties of a ListGroupsRequest.

Properties of a ListGroupsResponse.

Properties of a ListMetricDescriptorsRequest.

Properties of a ListMetricDescriptorsResponse.

Properties of a ListMonitoredResourceDescriptorsRequest.

Properties of a ListMonitoredResourceDescriptorsResponse.

Properties of a ListNotificationChannelDescriptorsRequest.

Properties of a ListNotificationChannelDescriptorsResponse.

Properties of a ListNotificationChannelsRequest.

Properties of a ListNotificationChannelsResponse.

Properties of a ListServiceLevelObjectivesRequest.

Properties of a ListServiceLevelObjectivesResponse.

Properties of a ListServicesRequest.

Properties of a ListServicesResponse.

Properties of a ListTimeSeriesRequest.

Properties of a ListTimeSeriesResponse.

Properties of a ListUptimeCheckConfigsRequest.

Properties of a ListUptimeCheckConfigsResponse.

Properties of a ListUptimeCheckIpsRequest.

Properties of a ListUptimeCheckIpsResponse.

Properties of a MutationRecord.

Properties of a NotificationChannel.

Properties of a NotificationChannelDescriptor.

Properties of a Point.

Properties of a QueryError.

Properties of a QueryErrorList.

Properties of a QueryTimeSeriesRequest.

Properties of a QueryTimeSeriesResponse.

Properties of a Range.

Properties of a RequestBasedSli.

Properties of a SendNotificationChannelVerificationCodeRequest.

Properties of a Service.

Properties of a ServiceLevelIndicator.

Properties of a ServiceLevelObjective.

Properties of a SpanContext.

Properties of a TextLocator.

Properties of a TimeInterval.

Properties of a TimeSeries.

Properties of a TimeSeriesData.

Properties of a TimeSeriesDescriptor.

Properties of a TimeSeriesRatio.

Properties of a TypedValue.

Properties of an UpdateAlertPolicyRequest.

Properties of an UpdateGroupRequest.

Properties of an UpdateNotificationChannelRequest.

Properties of an UpdateServiceLevelObjectiveRequest.

Properties of an UpdateServiceRequest.

Properties of an UpdateUptimeCheckConfigRequest.

Properties of an UptimeCheckConfig.

Properties of an UptimeCheckIp.

Properties of a VerifyNotificationChannelRequest.

Properties of a WindowsBasedSli.

Properties of an AppEngine.

Properties of a CloudEndpoints.

Properties of a ClusterIstio.

Properties of a Custom.

Properties of an IstioCanonicalService.

Properties of a MeshIstio.

Properties of a Telemetry.

Properties of a Position.

Properties of a PointData.

Properties of a ValueDescriptor.

Properties of a BasicAuthentication.

Properties of a ContentMatcher.

Properties of a HttpCheck.

Properties of a ResourceGroup.

Properties of a TcpCheck.

Properties of a MetricRange.

Properties of a PerformanceThreshold.

Properties of an ExtensionRange.

Properties of a ReservedRange.

Properties of an EnumReservedRange.

Properties of an Annotation.

Properties of an Any.

Properties of a BoolValue.

Properties of a BytesValue.

Properties of a DescriptorProto.

Properties of a DoubleValue.

Properties of a Duration.

Properties of an Empty.

Properties of an EnumDescriptorProto.

Properties of an EnumOptions.

Properties of an EnumValueDescriptorProto.

Properties of an EnumValueOptions.

Properties of an ExtensionRangeOptions.

Properties of a FieldDescriptorProto.

Properties of a FieldMask.

Properties of a FieldOptions.

Properties of a FileDescriptorProto.

Properties of a FileDescriptorSet.

Properties of a FileOptions.

Properties of a FloatValue.

Properties of a GeneratedCodeInfo.

Properties of an Int32Value.

Properties of an Int64Value.

Properties of a ListValue.

Properties of a MessageOptions.

Properties of a MethodDescriptorProto.

Properties of a MethodOptions.

Properties of an OneofDescriptorProto.

Properties of an OneofOptions.

Properties of a ServiceDescriptorProto.

Properties of a ServiceOptions.

Properties of a SourceCodeInfo.

Properties of a StringValue.

Properties of a Struct.

Properties of a Timestamp.

Properties of a UInt32Value.

Properties of a UInt64Value.

Properties of an UninterpretedOption.

Properties of a Value.

Properties of a Location.

Properties of a NamePart.

Properties of a Status.


FieldBehavior enum.

ValueType enum.

LaunchStage enum.

MetricKind enum.

ValueType enum.

History enum.

Style enum.

Aligner enum.

Reducer enum.

ConditionCombinerType enum.

ComparisonType enum.

GroupResourceType enum.

State enum.

TimeSeriesView enum.

VerificationStatus enum.

View enum.

ServiceTier enum.

ContentMatcherOption enum.

ContentType enum.

RequestMethod enum.

UptimeCheckRegion enum.

Label enum.

Type enum.

CType enum.

JSType enum.

OptimizeMode enum.

Semantic enum.

IdempotencyLevel enum.

NullValue enum.

CalendarPeriod enum.



_default: {
    v3: typeof v3;
    AlertPolicyServiceClient: typeof v3.AlertPolicyServiceClient;
    GroupServiceClient: typeof v3.GroupServiceClient;
    MetricServiceClient: typeof v3.MetricServiceClient;
    NotificationChannelServiceClient: typeof v3.NotificationChannelServiceClient;
    QueryServiceClient: typeof v3.QueryServiceClient;
    ServiceMonitoringServiceClient: typeof v3.ServiceMonitoringServiceClient;
    UptimeCheckServiceClient: typeof v3.UptimeCheckServiceClient;


AlertPolicyServiceClient: typeof v3.AlertPolicyServiceClient


GroupServiceClient: typeof v3.GroupServiceClient


MetricServiceClient: typeof v3.MetricServiceClient


NotificationChannelServiceClient: typeof v3.NotificationChannelServiceClient


QueryServiceClient: typeof v3.QueryServiceClient


ServiceMonitoringServiceClient: typeof v3.ServiceMonitoringServiceClient


UptimeCheckServiceClient: typeof v3.UptimeCheckServiceClient

Type Aliases


declare type AlertPolicyServiceClient = v3.AlertPolicyServiceClient;


declare type GroupServiceClient = v3.GroupServiceClient;


declare type MetricServiceClient = v3.MetricServiceClient;


declare type NotificationChannelServiceClient = v3.NotificationChannelServiceClient;

type CreateAlertPolicyCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.AlertPolicy) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteAlertPolicyCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetAlertPolicyCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.AlertPolicy) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListAlertPoliciesCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListAlertPoliciesResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type UpdateAlertPolicyCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.AlertPolicy) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateGroupCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.Group) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteGroupCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetGroupCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.Group) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListGroupMembersCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListGroupMembersResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListGroupsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListGroupsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type UpdateGroupCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.Group) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateMetricDescriptorCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.api.MetricDescriptor) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateTimeSeriesCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteMetricDescriptorCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetMetricDescriptorCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.api.MetricDescriptor) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetMonitoredResourceDescriptorCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.api.MonitoredResourceDescriptor) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListMetricDescriptorsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListMetricDescriptorsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListMonitoredResourceDescriptorsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListMonitoredResourceDescriptorsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListTimeSeriesCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListTimeSeriesResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateNotificationChannelCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannel) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteNotificationChannelCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetNotificationChannelCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannel) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetNotificationChannelDescriptorCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannelDescriptor) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetNotificationChannelVerificationCodeCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.GetNotificationChannelVerificationCodeResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListNotificationChannelDescriptorsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListNotificationChannelDescriptorsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListNotificationChannelsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListNotificationChannelsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type SendNotificationChannelVerificationCodeCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type UpdateNotificationChannelCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannel) => void;

Callback as used by .

type VerifyNotificationChannelCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.NotificationChannel) => void;

Callback as used by .

type QueryTimeSeriesCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.QueryTimeSeriesResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateServiceCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.Service) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateServiceLevelObjectiveCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ServiceLevelObjective) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteServiceCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteServiceLevelObjectiveCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetServiceCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.Service) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetServiceLevelObjectiveCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ServiceLevelObjective) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListServiceLevelObjectivesCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListServiceLevelObjectivesResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListServicesCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListServicesResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type UpdateServiceCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.Service) => void;

Callback as used by .

type UpdateServiceLevelObjectiveCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ServiceLevelObjective) => void;

Callback as used by .

type CreateUptimeCheckConfigCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.UptimeCheckConfig) => void;

Callback as used by .

type DeleteUptimeCheckConfigCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.protobuf.Empty) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GetUptimeCheckConfigCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.UptimeCheckConfig) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListUptimeCheckConfigsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListUptimeCheckConfigsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type ListUptimeCheckIpsCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.ListUptimeCheckIpsResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type UpdateUptimeCheckConfigCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.monitoring.v3.UptimeCheckConfig) => void;

Callback as used by .


declare type QueryServiceClient = v3.QueryServiceClient;


declare type ServiceMonitoringServiceClient = v3.ServiceMonitoringServiceClient;


declare type UptimeCheckServiceClient = v3.UptimeCheckServiceClient;