IP utilization insights

High IP address utilization of a subnet

Indicates that the IP utilization of a subnet is too high, where the allocation ratio is higher than 75 percent. Such an issue can prevent automation from creating new VMs or upgrading a GKE cluster. This insight includes the following information:

  • Subnetwork: The name of the subnetwork.
  • Secondary range name: If the insight shows the primary range of the subnet, this field is not displayed.
  • IP address range: The IP address range of the subnetwork range.
  • Allocation ratio: Percentage of IP addresses from the range of the subnet that are allocated.
  • Resources using this range: The count of the number of resources of this type which have allocated IP addresses within the IP address range of the subnet. This attribute gives a summary of the number of IP addresses used by resources such as VMs and load balancers.

The allocation ratio of the primary range includes the four reserved IP addresses.


Extend the subnet-primary ranges or add more secondary ranges.