Troubleshoot Network Analyzer

Use the following guidance to troubleshoot common issues with Network Analyzer.

The Network Analyzer console only has empty tables, no insights

Network Analyzer detects invalid or suboptimal configuration issues in your project. There is a difference between analysis that was not run and analysis discovered no issues. If the last run time shows a recent timestamp, it means the analysis was done but no issues were found. Otherwise, it indicates a problem that the system did not trigger the analysis to run.

The insights I saw yesterday did not appear today in Network Analyzer

Insights might not appear due to one of the following reasons:

  • The insight has already been fixed. To verify, change the filter by status Fixed and verify if the insight appears in that list.
  • The insight's first report time is not within the time range you are querying. By default, when you open the console, in the upper right corner, you see All insights. You can see all the insights. If you select a custom time range, it is possible the insight you are looking for is discovered outside of the time range.

The GKE is not publishing the network insights

If the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster is in error state, you will not see the network insights or there might be delay in triggering the insight. We recommend resolving the reason due to which the GKE cluster is in error state. Once the error is resolved, the insights will be triggered. For more information, see Detect invalid configurations.

Compute API quota usage

Network Analyzer uses a small amount of Compute Engine API quota to read certain network configurations. If you notice the Compute Engine API using excessive quota, contact Google Cloud support. To stop Network Analyzer from using the Compute Engine API, turn off the Network Management API.