Unused IP address insights

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View insights in the Recommender API

To view these insights in the gcloud CLI or the Recommender API, use the following insight type:

  • google.networkanalyzer.vpcnetwork.ipAddressInsight

You need the following permissions:

  • recommender.networkAnalyzerIpAddressInsights.list
  • recommender.networkAnalyzerIpAddressInsights.get

For more information about using the Recommender API for Network Analyzer insights, see Use the Recommender CLI and API.

Unassigned external IP addresses

Shows the external IP addresses of your project that have not been assigned for at least 24 hours.

This insight includes the following information:

  • Reserved: The total number of reserved external IP addresses.
  • Unassigned: The number of external IP addresses that are not assigned.
  • Unassigned ratio: The percentage of external IP addresses that are not assigned.

The insight also includes a table that lists the number of unassigned external IP addresses for each region.


You can go to the External IP addresses page, and use the In use by: filter to find all unassigned external IP addresses.

For more information on releasing the unused static external IP addresses, see Release a static external IP address.