Release Notes

This page documents production updates to Migrate for Anthos. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

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Migrate for Anthos Beta 0.9.6

New features

Migrate for Anthos Beta supports migrating existing VMware and Compute Engine VMs to containers on Google Kubernetes Engine. For more information, see Benefits of Migrate for Anthos.
For information on operating systems supported by Migrate for Anthos, see Supported operating systems.

Known Issues

On the Velostrata portlet in VMWare vCenter, VMs will be shown as Managed by Velostrata during migration process. Only the cache and storage migration status are updated in this view. Other functionality, such as Velostrata actions, screenshots, and status displayed may not be functional.

For known issues and workarounds, see Troubleshooting Migrate for Anthos.

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