Benefits of migrating to containers with Migrate for Anthos

Migrate for Anthos is a tool to containerize existing applications to run on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Use Migrate for Anthos when you have applications running on-premises on VMware or Compute Engine VMs and you want them to run in containers on GKE. By leveraging the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) ecosystem, Migrate for Anthos provides a way to move these apps forward.

Migrate to containers or lift-and-shift to VMs?

Lifting and shifting VMs directly into Compute Engine is a viable solution, especially when organizations are looking for a consistent usage and management experience to what they already have. Upgrading VMs to containers, however, can provide some additional benefits for those organizations willing to make the switch.

For example, containers use fewer resources than VMs, allowing for greater density across your clusters. Furthermore, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) can automatically upgrade your nodes, which simplifies updates and security management. Finally, utilities such as Istio can wrap your applications to provide features such as authentication, encryption, and tracing by reconfiguring, not rewriting and recompiling.

For these reasons, migrating to GKE using Migrate for Anthos offers many of the benefits of application modernization without rewrites.

Benefits of migration to containers with Migrate for Anthos

Migrate for Anthos allows you to orchestrate migrations using Kubernetes in GKE. There are four key benefits to migrating workloads from on premises or AWS EC2 to GKE:

  • Security optimized GKE node kernel with automatic upgrades.
  • Density and control. Use multiple operating systems and versions on container hosts, benefit from isolation, fine-grained resource allocations, and network permissions.
  • Integrated resource management. Desired-state management with powerful tagging strategies and selector policies. GKE allows you to focus on managing apps, not infrastructure.
  • Augment legacy apps with modern services. Add-ons such as Istio seamlessly integrate up-to-date functionality with existing apps. You no longer need to worry about rebuilding apps to update authentication and security libraries— just update configuration and restart your containers.
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