Configure your SaaS product's backend for private offers

This article explains how to configure your software as a service (SaaS) product's backend for Private Offers.

For additional instructions on using entitlements to track usage, refer to Configure your SaaS product's backend.

Before you begin

  • Your product must be integrated with, and listed on, Cloud Marketplace.

  • At least one of your pricing plans must be publicly available.

  • You must have onboarded the product to Producer Portal and configured your product's backend for the pricing plan that you're using for the offer. For steps, visit Configure your SaaS product's backend.

Manage entitlements for your private offers

For each SaaS product that you offer through Cloud Marketplace, you can choose whether or not to turn on automatic offer approval. You receive different Pub/Sub messages depending on whether or not your product has automatic offer approval turned on.

What's next