Migrating to Cloud Life Sciences v2beta

Cloud Genomics is now Cloud Life Sciences. This page explains how to migrate from the v2alpha1 version of Cloud Genomics to the v2beta version of Cloud Life Sciences.

Cloud Life Sciences as a regionalized service

Cloud Genomics was a global service that did not have the ability to run in specific Google Cloud Platform locations. The Cloud Life Sciences API is a regionalized service that lets you align with locality needs for your data. For information on how to make requests to the Cloud Life Sciences API and specify a location, see REST and RPC paths.

REST and RPC paths

The following changes were made to the REST and RPC paths to the Cloud Life Sciences API:

  • All paths now use lifesciences.googleapis.com instead of genomics.googleapis.com.
  • All paths now require you to specify a Google Cloud Platform location, such as us-central1, when calling the Cloud Life Sciences API.

For example:

v2alpha1 Cloud Genomics:

GET https://genomics.googleapis.com/v2alpha1/projects/PROJECT_ID/operations/OPERATION_ID

v2beta Cloud Life Sciences API:

GET https://lifesciences.googleapis.com/v2beta/projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOCATION/operations/OPERATION_ID

gcloud command-line tool paths

The Cloud Life Sciences gcloud tool commands now use gcloud beta lifesciences instead of gcloud alpha genomics. For example:

v2alpha1 Cloud Genomics:

gcloud alpha genomics operations describe OPERATION_ID

v2beta1 Cloud Life Sciences API:

gcloud beta lifesciences operations describe OPERATION_ID
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