Annotation Type Beta (1.44.2)

public interface Beta implements Annotation

Deprecated. use

Use this annotation to indicate that a public API (class, method or field) is beta.

Beta API is subject to incompatible changes or removal in the future. It may also mean that the server features it depends on are potentially subject to breakage at any time.

That API is exempt from any compatibility guarantees made by its containing library. Read carefully the JavaDoc of the API bearing this annotation for better understanding of the risk.

To provide a smoother upgrade path when we make incompatible changes to beta API, whenever possible we try to deprecate the old beta API in the first minor release, and then remove it in the second minor release.

It is generally inadvisable for other non-beta libraries to use beta API from this library. The problem is that other libraries don't have control over the version of this library being used in client applications, and if the wrong version of this library is used, it has the potential to break client applications.

You may use the google-http-client-findbugs plugin to find usages of API bearing this annotation.