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This package is not the latest GA version!

For this library, we recommend using the package associated with API version v1 for new applications.

Prerelease Implications

This package is a prerelease version! Use with caution. Prerelease versions are considered unstable as they may be shut down. You can read more about Cloud API versioning strategy here. Each Cloud Java client library may contain multiple packages. Each package containing a version number in its name corresponds to a published version of the service. We recommend using the latest stable version for new production applications, which can be identified by the largest numeric version that does not contain a suffix. For example, if a client library has two packages: v1 and v2alpha, then the latest stable version is v1. If you use an unstable release, breaking changes may be introduced when upgrading.

Client Classes

Client classes are the main entry point to using a package. They contain several variations of Java methods for each of the API's methods.

Client Description Service Description: Web Risk v1beta1 API defines an interface to detect malicious URLs on your website and in client applications.

This class provides the ability to make remote calls to the backing service through method

Settings Classes

Settings classes can be used to configure credentials, endpoints, and retry settings for a Client.

Settings Description Settings class to configure an instance of WebRiskServiceV1Beta1Client.

The default instance has everything set to sensible defaults:


Class Description Builder for WebRiskServiceV1Beta1Settings.