google-cloud-securitycenter overview (2.38.0)

makes it easier for you to prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Identify security misconfigurations in virtual machines, networks, applications, and storage buckets from a centralized dashboard. Take action on them before they can potentially result in business damage or loss. Built-in capabilities can quickly surface suspicious activity in your Stackdriver security logs or indicate compromised virtual machines. Respond to threats by following actionable recommendations or exporting logs to your SIEM for further investigation.

Security Command Center Product ReferenceGitHub Repository (includes samples)Maven artifact

Getting Started

In order to use this library, you first need to go through the following steps:

Use the Security Command Center for Java

To ensure that your project uses compatible versions of the libraries and their component artifacts, import and use the BOM to specify dependency versions. Be sure to remove any versions that you set previously. For more information about BOMs, see Google Cloud Platform Libraries BOM.

Which version should I use?

For this library, we recommend using API version v1 for new applications.

Each Cloud Java client library may contain multiple packages. Each package containing a version number in its name corresponds to a published version of the service. We recommend using the latest stable version for new production applications, which can be identified by the largest numeric version that does not contain a suffix. For example, if a client library has two packages: v1 and v2alpha, then the latest stable version is v1. If you use an unstable release, breaking changes may be introduced when upgrading. You can read more about Cloud API versioning strategy here.