Class OrgPolicyGrpc.OrgPolicyImplBase (2.30.0)

public abstract static class OrgPolicyGrpc.OrgPolicyImplBase implements BindableService, OrgPolicyGrpc.AsyncService

Base class for the server implementation of the service OrgPolicy.

An interface for managing organization policies. The Cloud Org Policy service provides a simple mechanism for organizations to restrict the allowed configurations across their entire Cloud Resource hierarchy. You can use a policy to configure restrictions in Cloud resources. For example, you can enforce a policy that restricts which Google Cloud Platform APIs can be activated in a certain part of your resource hierarchy, or prevents serial port access to VM instances in a particular folder. Policies are inherited down through the resource hierarchy. A policy applied to a parent resource automatically applies to all its child resources unless overridden with a policy lower in the hierarchy. A constraint defines an aspect of a resource's configuration that can be controlled by an organization's policy administrator. Policies are a collection of constraints that defines their allowable configuration on a particular resource and its child resources.


java.lang.Object > OrgPolicyGrpc.OrgPolicyImplBase


io.grpc.BindableService, OrgPolicyGrpc.AsyncService



public OrgPolicyImplBase()



public final ServerServiceDefinition bindService()