google-cloud-managed-identities overview (1.0.5)

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.


Service Description: API Overview

The service implements the Google Cloud Managed Identites API for identity services (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory).

The Managed Identities service provides methods to manage (create/read/update/delete) domains, reset managed identities admin password, add/remove domain controllers in GCP regions and add/remove VPC peering.

Data Model

The Managed Identities service exposes the following resources:

  • Locations as global, named as follows: projects/{project_id}/locations/global.
  • Domains, named as follows: /projects/{project_id}/locations/global/domain/{domain_name}.

The {domain_name} refers to fully qualified domain name in the customer project e.g., with the following restrictions:

* Must contain only lowercase letters, numbers, periods and hyphens. * Must start with a letter. * Must contain between 2-64 characters. * Must end with a number or a letter. * Must not start with period. * First segement length (mydomain form example above) shouldn't exceed 15 chars. * The last segment cannot be fully numeric. * Must be unique within the customer project.

Sample for ManagedIdentitiesServiceClient:

 try (ManagedIdentitiesServiceClient managedIdentitiesServiceClient =
     ManagedIdentitiesServiceClient.create()) {
   DomainName name = DomainName.of("[PROJECT]", "[LOCATION]", "[DOMAIN]");
   ResetAdminPasswordResponse response = managedIdentitiesServiceClient.resetAdminPassword(name);