google-cloud-gsuite-addons overview (2.8.0)

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.


Service Description: A service for managing Google Workspace Add-ons deployments.

A Google Workspace Add-on is a third-party embedded component that can be installed in Google Workspace Applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides editors. Google Workspace Add-ons can display UI cards, receive contextual information from the host application, and perform actions in the host application (See: for more information).

A Google Workspace Add-on deployment resource specifies metadata about the add-on, including a specification of the entry points in the host application that trigger add-on executions (see: Add-on deployments defined via the Google Workspace Add-ons API define their entrypoints using HTTPS URLs (See:,

A Google Workspace Add-on deployment can be installed in developer mode, which allows an add-on developer to test the experience an end-user would see when installing and running the add-on in their G Suite applications. When running in developer mode, more detailed error messages are exposed in the add-on UI to aid in debugging.

A Google Workspace Add-on deployment can be published to Google Workspace Marketplace, which allows other Google Workspace users to discover and install the add-on. See: for details.

Sample for GSuiteAddOnsClient:

 // This snippet has been automatically generated and should be regarded as a code template only.
 // It will require modifications to work:
 // - It may require correct/in-range values for request initialization.
 // - It may require specifying regional endpoints when creating the service client as shown in
 try (GSuiteAddOnsClient gSuiteAddOnsClient = GSuiteAddOnsClient.create()) {
   AuthorizationName name = AuthorizationName.of("[PROJECT]");
   Authorization response = gSuiteAddOnsClient.getAuthorization(name);