google-cloud-bigqueryreservation overview (2.18.0)

A client to BigQuery Reservation API

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.


Service Description: This API allows users to manage their BigQuery reservations.

A reservation provides computational resource guarantees, in the form of slots, to users. A slot is a unit of computational power in BigQuery, and serves as the basic unit of parallelism. In a scan of a multi-partitioned table, a single slot operates on a single partition of the table. A reservation resource exists as a child resource of the admin project and location, e.g.: projects/myproject/locations/US/reservations/reservationName.

A capacity commitment is a way to purchase compute capacity for BigQuery jobs (in the form of slots) with some committed period of usage. A capacity commitment resource exists as a child resource of the admin project and location, e.g.: projects/myproject/locations/US/capacityCommitments/id.

Sample for ReservationServiceClient:

 // This snippet has been automatically generated and should be regarded as a code template only.
 // It will require modifications to work:
 // - It may require correct/in-range values for request initialization.
 // - It may require specifying regional endpoints when creating the service client as shown in
 try (ReservationServiceClient reservationServiceClient = ReservationServiceClient.create()) {
   LocationName parent = LocationName.of("[PROJECT]", "[LOCATION]");
   Reservation reservation = Reservation.newBuilder().build();
   String reservationId = "reservationId1116965383";
   Reservation response =
       reservationServiceClient.createReservation(parent, reservation, reservationId);