Interface RequestParamsExtractor<RequestT> (2.47.0)

public interface RequestParamsExtractor<RequestT>

A request params extractor takes a request message, extracts specific field values from it, converts them in strings and returns them as key-value pairs, where a key is a request field name and a value is a string representation of a field value. Nested fields should also be extractable, in such case the "dot notation" can be used to represent a nested field name, for example "field_name.nested_field_name".

Implementations of this interface are expected to be autogenerated.

Type Parameter

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extract(RequestT request)

public abstract Map<String,String> extract(RequestT request)

Extracts specific fields from the request and returns them in a form of key-value pairs, where a key is a field name and a value is a field's string representation. To represent nested field names the "dot notation" can be used.

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request RequestT

request message

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