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What applications can be secured with Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (Cloud IAP)?

Cloud IAP can be used with:

  • App Engine standard environment and App Engine flexible environment Beta applications.
  • Compute Engine instances with HTTP(S) load balancing backend services.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine containers

Currently, Cloud IAP cannot be used with Cloud CDN.

How do I access my app from more URLs?

To access your app from more domains later, follow the process below:

  1. Go to the Identity-Aware Proxy page.
    Go to the Identity-Aware Proxy page
  2. Click More next to the resource to which you want to add a domain, then click Edit OAuth client.
  3. In the Credentials window that appears, under Authorized redirect URIs, add the domains in the format of your_domain/_gcp_gatekeeper/authenticate.
  4. When you're finished adding domains, click Save. You'll now be able to access your app from those domains with Cloud IAP turned on.
Why is there a # at the end of my URL after signing in to my application?
In some browsers and under certain conditions, a # may be appended to the URL after authentication. This is normal and won't cause issues.
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