De-identifying sensitive data

De-identification is the process of removing identifying information from data. The Cloud Healthcare API detects sensitive data in DICOM instances and FHIR resources, such as protected health information (PHI), and then uses a de-identification transformation to mask, delete, or otherwise obscure the data. De-identification has multiple uses cases: for example, you might want to de-identify data before analyzing or sharing it.

API overview

To de-identify sensitive data, use the Cloud Healthcare API deidentify method.

De-identification works at the dataset level and occurs on all data in DICOM stores and FHIR stores in the dataset. If a dataset contains both DICOM instances and FHIR resources, you can de-identify all of the instances and resources at the same time.

De-identification does not impact the original dataset or its data. Instead, de-identified copies of the original data are written to a new dataset, called the destination dataset.

Note that the source dataset and destination dataset must both reside in the same GCP project. De-identifying data across multiple GCP projects is not supported.

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