Conditional delete resource

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Delete FHIR resources that match a search query.

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Code sample


import (

	healthcare ""

// queryParamOpt is a googleapi.Option (
// that adds query parameters to an API call.
type queryParamOpt struct {
	key, value string

func (qp queryParamOpt) Get() (string, string) { return qp.key, qp.value }

// ConditionalDeleteFHIRResource conditionally deletes an FHIR resource.
func ConditionalDeleteFHIRResource(w io.Writer, projectID, location, datasetID, fhirStoreID, resourceType string) error {
	// projectID := "my-project"
	// location := "us-central1"
	// datasetID := "my-dataset"
	// fhirStoreID := "my-fhir-store"
	// resourceType := "Patient"

	ctx := context.Background()

	healthcareService, err := healthcare.NewService(ctx)
	if err != nil {
		return fmt.Errorf("healthcare.NewService: %v", err)

	fhirService := healthcareService.Projects.Locations.Datasets.FhirStores.Fhir

	parent := fmt.Sprintf("projects/%s/locations/%s/datasets/%s/fhirStores/%s", projectID, location, datasetID, fhirStoreID)

	call := fhirService.ConditionalDelete(parent, resourceType)

	// Refine your search by appending tags to the request in the form of query
	// parameters. This searches for resources updated in the last 48 hours.
	twoDaysAgo := time.Now().Add(-48 * time.Hour).Format("2006-01-02")
	lastUpdated := queryParamOpt{key: "_lastUpdated", value: "gt" + twoDaysAgo}

	if _, err := call.Do(lastUpdated); err != nil {
		return fmt.Errorf("ConditionalDelete: %v", err)

	fmt.Fprintf(w, "Deleted %q", parent)

	return nil


def conditional_delete_resource(
    service_account_json, base_url, project_id, cloud_region, dataset_id, fhir_store_id
    """Deletes FHIR resources that match a search query."""
    url = "{}/projects/{}/locations/{}".format(base_url, project_id, cloud_region)

    # The search query in this request deletes all Observations
    # with a status of 'cancelled'.
    resource_path = "{}/datasets/{}/fhirStores/{}/fhir/Observation".format(
        url, dataset_id, fhir_store_id
    # The search query is passed in as a query string parameter.
    params = {"status": "cancelled"}

    # Make an authenticated API request
    session = get_session(service_account_json)

    response = session.delete(resource_path, params=params)
    if response.status_code != 404:  # Don't consider missing to be error

    print("Conditionally deleted all Observations with status='cancelled'.")

    return response

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