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Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy for you to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web application, device, bot, interactive voice response systems, and so on. Using Dialogflow you can provide users new and engaging ways to interact with your product using both voice recognition and text input.

Documentation roadmap

The table below provides a roadmap of the documentation and helps you select reading material. The panel on the left provides a table of contents of all documents arranged in sections. When you have a document open, the panel on the right provides a table of contents for that particular document. For example, you can see "Documentation roadmap" in the right panel.

Section Description
Overview This section provides high level overview documents for Dialogflow. You should read all of these documents before attempting to use Dialogflow.
Quickstarts This section provides quick and easy steps to accomplish basic tasks. You should try each of these quickstarts that are relevant for how you plan on using Dialogflow.
Features and concepts This section provides details on specific concepts and features. You should read all of these documents that are relevant for the features you plan on using.
How-to guides These documents are similar to quickstarts, but they have more detail and are more focused on specific features. You should read all of these documents that are relevant for the features you plan on using.
APIs and reference This section provides reference documentation for client libraries, API, and other topics. You should refer to these documents as needed.
Tutorials and samples This section provides complete examples for accomplishing specific and complex tasks.
Support See this section if you need help that the documentation does not provide.
Resources This section contains pricing, quota, release notes, and legal documents.

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