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Real-time application debugging

Cloud Debugger is a feature of Google Cloud that lets you inspect the state of a running application in real time, without stopping or slowing it down. Your users are not impacted while you capture the call stack and variables at any location in your source code. You can use it to understand the behavior of your code in production, as well as analyze its state to find those hard-to-find bugs.
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Debug in production

Cloud Debugger can be used with production applications. With a few mouse clicks, you can take a snapshot of your running application state or inject a new logging statement. A snapshot captures the call stack and variables at a specific code location the first time any instance executes that code. The injected logpoint behaves as if it were part of the deployed code writing the log messages to the same log stream. This is made available for use in a simple, user-friendly interface.

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Multiple source options

Cloud Debugger is easier to use when source code is available. It knows how to display the correct version of the source code when a version control system is used, such as Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab. When other source repositories are used, you can upload the source files as part of your build-and-deploy process. It can also display local files when used for local development. If you don’t have access to source code, just type the filename and line number directly in the user interface to take a snapshot or inject a logpoint.

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Collaborate while debugging

Easily collaborate with other team members by sharing your debug session. Sharing a debug session is as easy as sending the Console URL.

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Use your workflows

Cloud Debugger is integrated into existing developer workflows. Launch Debugger and take snapshots directly from Cloud Logging, error reporting, dashboards, IDEs, and the gcloud command-line interface.


Debug snapshot

Capture the state of your application in production at a specific line location.

Debug logpoints

Inject a new logging statement on demand at a specific line location.

Conditional debugging

Capture a snapshot or write a logpoint message only when you need it, using a simple conditional expression written in your application's language.

IDE integration

Use Cloud Debugger within your IDE.

Easy setup

Debugger is automatically enabled for App Engine applications. Follow simple steps to enable it for Google Kubernetes Engine or Compute Engine.


Cloud Debugger is available at no charge for all Google Cloud customers.

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