Dataproc Serverless permissions and IAM roles


Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows you to control user and group access to your project's resources. This document focuses on the IAM permissions relevant to Dataproc Serverless and the IAM roles that grant those permissions.

Dataproc Serverless permissions

Dataproc Serverless permissions allow users, including service accounts, to perform actions on Dataproc Serverless resources. For example, the dataproc.batches.create permission allows you to create Dataproc Serverless batches in your project. You don't directly give users permissions; instead, you grant them roles, which have one or more permissions bundled within them.

The following tables list the permissions necessary to call Dataproc Serverless APIs (methods). The tables are organized according to the APIs associated with each Dataproc Serverless resource (batches and operations).

Batch permissions

Method Required Permission(s)
projects.locations.batches.create dataproc.batches.create 1
projects.locations.batches.delete dataproc.batches.delete
projects.locations.batches.get dataproc.batches.get
projects.locations.batches.list dataproc.batches.list
  1. dataproc.batches.create also requires dataproc.batches.get and dataproc.operations.get permissions to allow it to get status updates from the gcloud command-line tool.

Operations permissions

Method Required Permission(s)
projects.regions.operations.get dataproc.operations.get
projects.regions.operations.list dataproc.operations.list
projects.regions.operations.cancel 1 dataproc.operations.cancel
projects.regions.operations.delete dataproc.operations.delete
projects.regions.operations.getIamPolicy dataproc.operations.getIamPolicy
projects.regions.operations.setIamPolicy dataproc.operations.setIamPolicy
  1. To cancel batch operations, dataproc.operations.cancel also requires dataproc.batches.cancel permission.

Dataproc Serverless roles

Dataproc Serverless IAM roles are a bundle of one or more permissions. You grant roles to users or groups to allow them to perform actions on the Dataproc Serverless resources in your project. For example, the Dataproc Viewer role contains the dataproc.batches.get and dataproc.batches.list permissions, which allow you to get and list Dataproc Serverless batches in a project.

The following table lists the Dataproc Serverless IAM roles and the permissions associated with each role:

Role ID Permissions
roles/dataproc.admin dataproc.batches.cancel
roles/dataproc.editor dataproc.batches.cancel
roles/dataproc.viewer dataproc.batches.get

Project roles

You can also set permissions at the project level by using the IAM Project roles. Here is a summary of the permissions associated with IAM Project roles:

Project Role Permissions
Project Viewer All project permissions for read-only actions that preserve state (get, list)
Project Editor All Project Viewer permissions plus all project permissions for actions that modify state (create, delete, update, use, cancel, stop, start)
Project Owner All Project Editor permissions plus permissions to manage access control for the project (get/set IamPolicy) and to set up project billing

Custom Roles

Dataproc batch permissions can be added to custom roles through the console or the gcloud command-line tool.

IAM management

You can get and set IAM policies using the Google Cloud console, the IAM API, or the gcloud command-line tool.

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