Dataproc Serverless runtime versions

Supported Dataproc Serverless versions

Version Last Updated Released On Supported Until Available Until Notes
Spark runtime 2.1 2023/09/22 2023/05/05 2024/05/31 2026/05/31 General Availability release.
Spark runtime 2.0 2023/09/22 2022/10/21 2023/10/31 2025/10/31 General Availability release. This is the default version.
Spark runtime 1.1 LTS 2023/09/22 2023/01/27 2025/07/31 2027/07/31 General Availability release

How to choose a Dataproc Serverless runtime version

The current default Dataproc Serverless runtime version is listed in Supported Dataproc Serverless versions. You can use the Google Cloud console, gcloud CLI, and the Dataproc API to choose a different runtime version when you submit a batch workload.


  1. Open the Dataproc Create batch page in the Google Cloud console.
  2. Under Container, in the Runtime version section, select one of the listed Dataproc Serverless runtime versions.


Use the dataproc batches submit --version flag to specify a Dataproc Serverless runtime version.


gcloud dataproc batches submit JOB_TYPE \
    --region=REGION \
    --version=VERSION (for example, 2.1)
    other args ...


Use the RuntimeConfig.version field as part of a batches.create API call to specify a Dataproc Serverless runtime version.

Unsupported Dataproc Serverless versions

The following Dataproc Serverless versions are unsupported.

Version Includes Released On Last Updated Available Until Notes
Spark runtime 1.0 Apache Spark 3.2.3
Cloud Storage connector 2.2.11
Conda 4.11
Java 11
Python 3.9
R 4.1
Scala 2.12.17
2022/01/19 2023/2/03 2025/01/31 Unsupported as of 2023/02/03. 1.0.29 was the final released version.