Quotas and limits

This document contains current content limits and request quotas for the Cloud Data Fusion API.

Request quotas

The following table lists the current API usage quotas for the Cloud Data Fusion API. Quotas are subject to change.

Request Quota Value
Requests per minute from a single user in a single region 600

These limits apply to each Google Cloud Platform Console project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using that project.

Other Google Cloud Platform quotas

Your Cloud Data Fusion instances can use other GCP products to run pipelines. These products have project-level quotas, which include quotas that apply to Cloud Data Fusion use.

Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Data Fusion uses Cloud Dataproc as the execution environment for pipelines. Cloud Dataproc quota applies to all pipelines that you execute.

Stackdriver Logging

Cloud Data Fusion saves logs in Logging. The Logging quota applies to your Cloud Data Fusion instances.

Additional quotas

Depending on the GCP services your pipelines use, additional quotas might apply, for example:

  • BigQuery—When reading or writing data into BigQuery, the BigQuery quota applies.
  • Cloud Storage—When reading or writing data into Cloud Storage, the Cloud Storage quota applies.
  • Cloud Bigtable—When reading or writing data into Cloud Bigtable, the Cloud Bigtable quota applies.
  • Cloud Spanner—When reading or writing data into Cloud Spanner, the Cloud Spanner quota applies.

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