Quickstart: Install CCAI Insights plugins


  1. You must enable the CCAI Insights Accelerator before you can install plugins.

Install plugins

  1. Go to the project selector page
  2. Select the project with the Cloud Data Fusion instances you want to use and navigate to the Cloud Data Fusion Instances page.
  3. In the table of available instances, select the View instance button next to the instance you would like to use. The Cloud Data Fusion UI landing page for this instance opens. Your chosen instance must already have the CCAI Insights Accelerator enabled.
  4. In the Cloud Data Fusion UI landing page, click HUB in the upper right corner of the page. The Hub page opens.
  5. Select the CCAI tab:

  6. Click on the CCAI Plugins card and then click Deploy. Click Finish in the popup window that appears. You are then given the option to customize a pipeline or return to the homepage. Select the homepage option, then navigate back to the HUB page.

  7. Select the GCP tab on the instance HUB page. Select the GCP plugins card and click Deploy to make sure that these plugins are deployed to your instance. If they are already deployed, the popup window will return an error message. If you see the error message you can navigate back to the main HUB page.

  8. If the GCP plugins are not already deployed, click Finish. Select the homepage option to return to the main HUB page.

What's next

Create a pipeline and import conversations using your Cloud Data Fusion instance.