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Contact Center AI Insights private features

Contact Center AI Insights offers the CCAI Insights Accelerator feature for use with a Cloud Data Fusion instance. The Accelerator allows you to use a Data Fusion pipeline to transfer conversation data, an out-of-the-box approach to importing and exporting large amounts of data to and from CCAI Insights. The Accelerator is particularly useful in the following use cases:
  1. Importing a large volume of historical data into CCAI Insightsfor analysis.
  2. Scheduling exports out of CCAI Insights and into BigQuery on a regular basis for frequent real time updates.
  3. Scheduling data imports for conversation data that needs to be loaded into CCAI Insights on a regular basis.

You need to request access to the CCAI Insights confidential documentation in order to access this feature. To request access, fill out this form.