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Update environments

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Cloud Composer 1 | Cloud Composer 2

This page explains how an environment can be updated.

About update operations

When you change parameters of your environment, such as specifying new scaling and performance parameters, or installing custom PyPI packages, your environment updates.

After this operation is completed, changes become available in your environment.

For a single Cloud Composer environment, you can start only one update operation at a time. You must wait for an update operation to complete before starting another environment operation.

About updating with Terraform

Run terraform plan before terraform apply to see if Terraform creates a new environment instead of updating it.

Before you begin

  • Check that your account, the service account of your environment, and the Cloud Composer Service Agent account in your project have required permissions:

  • The gcloud composer environments update command terminates when the operation is finished. You can use the --async flag to avoid waiting for the operation to complete.

View environment details


  1. In Google Cloud console, go to the Environments page.

    Go to Environments

  2. In the list of environments, click the name of your environment. The Environment details page opens.


Run the following gcloud command:

gcloud composer environments describe ENVIRONMENT_NAME \
  --location LOCATION


  • ENVIRONMENT_NAME with the name of the environment.
  • LOCATION with the region where the environment is located.


Construct an environments.get API request.




Run the terraform state show command for your environment's resource.

The name of your environment's Terraform resource might be different than the name of your environment.

terraform state show google_composer_environment.RESOURCE_NAME


  • RESOURCE_NAME with the name of your environment's resource.

Update environments

For more information about updating your environment, see other documentation pages about specific update operations. For example:

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