Adding a Kubernetes cluster

Creating or using an existing Kubernetes cluster with GKE

Creating a new cluster

Using the GKE Explorer, you can quickly create a cluster:

  1. In the header of the Google Kubernetes Engine Explorer panel, click on the plus icon Create GKE cluster plus icon (visible only on mouseover) to launch the Create Cluster wizard.

  2. Then, select your project ID (or use the default one), zone/region, and preferred configuration (cluster name, number of nodes and machine type).

  3. Click Create Cluster.

Creating a GKE cluster with the cluster creation wizard

Working with existing clusters

If you have an existing Standard or Autopilot GKE cluster, you can set it as your active cluster and work with it using Cloud Code. Your existing clusters are accessible through your Kubernetes Explorer where you can select your preferred cluster, right-click, and select Set as Active Cluster.

Creating a Kubernetes cluster with minikube

You can use the minikube status bar (located in the status bar, adjacent to the Cloud Code status bar) to start, stop, pause, and view the status of a minikube cluster.

minikube status bar showing that the cluster is not running

To start a cluster, click on the minikube status bar and choose 'Start'.

Starting a minikube cluster

To pause or stop a running cluster, click on the minikube status bar and choose your preferred action.

Stopping a minikube cluster