Getting started with Cloud Code for Cloud Shell

Launching the Cloud Shell Editor

The most straightforward way to start a Cloud Shell session and begin using Cloud Code is to directly launch a Cloud Shell Editor session with

Cloud Shell Editor interface

The Cloud Shell Editor comes with Cloud Code pre-configured, with continued access to the Cloud Shell. This code editor is available by default with every Cloud Shell instance, and is based on Theia.

To toggle the code editor, you can click the pencil icon Code Editor Button on the toolbar of the Cloud Shell window.

Cloud Code views

Cloud Shell editor interface

Within the Activity bar on the left, you can find the Source Control and Debugging views as well as Cloud Code-specific views like the Cloud APIs Manager, Cloud Run Explorer, and Kubernetes Explorer.

At the bottom, within the status bar, you can find the Cloud Code status bar which when clicked displays all available Cloud Code actions as well as the Minikube status bar that can be used to start, stop, or pause a local cluster.

To access the Command Palette to use Cloud Code commands instead, press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+P to bring up available commands.