Get started with Cloud Code for Cloud Shell

Cloud Code for Cloud Shell provides tools for developing cloud-based applications in your browser. Cloud Code is built in to the Cloud Shell Editor and doesn't require any setup. The Cloud Shell Editor is a code editor based on Theia that's available with every Cloud Shell instance.

Launching the Cloud Shell Editor

To start a Cloud Shell Editor session, open

Moving between Cloud Shell and Cloud Shell Editor

To move between Cloud Shell and the Cloud Shell Editor, click Code Editor Button Open Editor or Close Editor on the toolbar of the Cloud Shell window.

Cloud Code views

Cloud Shell Editor interface

In the Activity bar on the left, you can find the Source Control and Debugging views, and Cloud Code, which leads you to specific views like the Cloud APIs Manager, Cloud Run Explorer, and Kubernetes Explorer.

In the status bar at the bottom, you can find the Cloud Code status bar. When you click the Cloud Code status bar, the Quick Pick menu appears with available Cloud Code actions to choose from. You can also select Control minikube for minikube actions.

To run Cloud Code commands using the command palette, press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P or click View > Command Palette.

Change the active Google Cloud project

  1. In the Cloud Code status bar, click the active project name.

    Active project name in status bar

  2. In the Quick Pick menu that appears, select Switch Project Switch Project.

  3. Select a project or enter keywords in the search bar to filter projects.