This document explains pricing for Batch, including the following:

Before you begin

Batch costs

There is no additional cost for using Batch. You only incur charges for any billable Google Cloud resources that are used by Batch jobs.

You can review the costs associated with your Batch jobs by using Cloud Billing reports. For more information, see View Cloud Billing reports in this document.

View Cloud Billing reports

Batch applies labels to the Google Cloud resources used for a specific billing account. This allows you to filter data in a Cloud Billing report and visualize the costs tied to your jobs.


When you filter a Cloud Billing report for Batch costs, the report only displays the costs of the following Google Cloud resources:

  • The virtual machine (VM) instances created for a job.
  • Any graphics processing units (GPUs) used for a job.
  • Any new persistent disks created for a job.

Your Batch jobs might still incur costs that appear on your Cloud Billing report, but do not appear specifically when filtering on Batch labels. For example, Batch filters for a Cloud Billing report do not include costs incurred by Batch jobs for Cloud Logging, storage services such as Cloud Storage and Filestore, and some networking charges.

View a report

To view a Cloud Billing report of the jobs for a specific billing account using the Google Cloud console, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Billing page.

    Go to Billing

  2. In the Billing account list, select the Cloud Billing account for which you'd like to view reports.

    The Overview page opens.

  3. In the Cost management section of the Billing navigation menu, click Reports.

    The Reports page opens.

  4. In the Filters pane, expand Labels, and then do one of the following:

    • To filter by job name, follow these steps:

      1. In the Key 1 list, select batch-job-id.

      2. In the Value 1 list, select the name of a job.

    • To filter by job unique ID (UID), follow these steps:

      1. In the Key 1 list, select batch-job-uid.

      2. In the Value 1 list, select the UID of a job.

    • To filter by the VMs created by a Batch job, follow these steps:

      1. In the Key 1 list, select batch-node.

      2. In the Value 1 list, select each VM you want to filter by. If you select all, the filter includes all the costs associated with the VMs created by Batch.

    Updating the report view might take a few seconds to complete.

For more information about customizing a Cloud Billing report view, see Manage report view and settings.