Prepare for a maintenance event

This page explains the required steps to prepare for a maintenance event that requires server downtime.

You must complete the following steps before the start of a scheduled maintenance event. Following these steps helps you minimize maintenance-related disruptions.

  • Disable the services and scripts that automatically start at power up.
  • Safely migrate or stop applications and databases that are running on the server.
  • Silence any monitoring and alerting associated with the server to avoid alerting on planned maintenance.
  • Disable autostart and autojoin functionality of applications and clusters to avoid returning the server to operation until the maintenance event ends.
  • Reboot the server 24-48 hours prior to the maintenance event start time. Reboot is required to confirm that the server is functioning well before the maintenance.
  • Power off the server 1 hour before the maintenance event start time.

After you complete these steps, we don't require additional confirmation.

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