google.appengine.ext.bulkload.bulkloader_wizard module


Wizard to generate bulkloader configuration.

Helper functions to call from the bulkloader.yaml. The wizard is run by having download datastore statistics (, specifically __Stat_PropertyType_PropertyName_Kind__) configured with bulkloader_wizard.yaml.



Return the import/export_transform lines for a datastore type.


property_type – Property type from the KindPropertyNamePropertyTypeStat.


Strings for use in a bulkloader.yaml as transforms. This may be ‘’ (no transform needed), or one or two lines with import_transform or export_transform.

class google.appengine.ext.bulkload.bulkloader_wizard.StatPostTransformsource

Bases: object

Create text to insert between properties and filter out ‘bad’ properties.

This class is a callable post_export_function which saves state across multiple calls.

It uses this saved state to determine if each entity is the first entity seen of a new kind, a duplicate kind/propertyname entry, or just a new property in the current kind being processed.

It will suppress bad output by returning None for NULL property types and __private__ types (notably the stats themselves).

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