Files API.

Deprecated since version 1.8.1: Use Google Cloud Storage Client library instead.

Google Storage specific Files API calls.

Contents, mime_type='application/octet-stream', acl=None, cache_control=None, content_encoding=None, content_disposition=None, user_metadata=None)source

Create a writable googlestore file.

  • filename -- Google Storage object name (/gs/bucket/object)

  • mime_type -- Blob content MIME type as string.

  • acl -- Canned acl to apply to the object as per: If not specified (or set to None), default object acl is used.

  • cache_control -- Cache control header to set when serving through Google storage. If not specified, default of 3600 seconds is used.

  • content_encoding -- If object is compressed, specify the compression method here to set the header correctly when served through Google Storage.

  • content_disposition -- Header to use when serving through Google Storage.

  • user_metadata -- Dictionary specifying key value pairs to apply to the object. Each key is prefixed with x-goog-meta- when served through Google Storage.


A writable file name for a Google Storage file. This file can be opened for write by File API open function. To read the file call file::open with the plain Google Storage filename (/gs/bucket/object).

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