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google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread module


Background Threads API.

An API for creating background threads.

Background threads created using this API do not inherit the context of their creator and do not need to end before the creator request completes.


google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.start_new_background_thread(target, args, kwargs=None)source

Starts a new background thread.

Creates a new background thread which will call target(*args, **kwargs).

  • target – A callable for the new thread to run.

  • args – Position arguments to be passed to target.

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments to be passed to target.


The thread ID of the background thread.

class google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.BackgroundThread(group=None, target=None, name=None, args=(), kwargs=None, verbose=None)source

Bases: threading.Thread

A threading.Thread-like interface for background threads.


Starts this background thread.

exception google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.Errorsource

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Base exception class for this module.

exception google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.FrontendsNotSupportedsource

Bases: google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.Error

Error raised when a background thread is requested on a front end.

exception google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.BackgroundThreadLimitReachedErrorsource

Bases: google.appengine.api.background_thread.background_thread.Error

Error raised when no further active background threads can be created.