The GCSFileStat Class

GCSFileStat is provided by the Google Cloud Storage client library contained in /src/cloudstorage. This class is used to store file stat data from cloudstorage.stat().

Instance Properties

A GCSFileStat instance has the following properties:

String. The name of the file that this file stat is describing, in the format /bucket/object. For example, /my_bucket/lyrics/southamerica/list5.txt.
True if this represents a directory. False if this is a real file.
Long compatible. The file size in bytes.
String. The hex representation of the MD5 hash of the file's content.
Float compatible. The posix file creation time.
String. The file's content type.
Dict. Contains any user-specified metadata from thex-goog-meta- header. For example, {'x-goog-meta-foo': 'foo', 'x-goog-meta-bar': 'bar'}.

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