The product described by this documentation, Anthos Clusters on AWS (previous generation), is now in maintenance mode. All new installs must use the current generation product, Anthos clusters on AWS.

Versioning and upgrades

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This page explains Anthos clusters on AWS (GKE on AWS) versioning. For more information, see the following:

Available versions

Anthos clusters on AWS aws-1.14.1-gke.0 supports the following Kubernetes versions:

  • 1.23.15-gke.2000
  • 1.24.9-gke.2100
  • 1.25.5-gke.2100

For information on prior supported versions, see Release notes.

Component upgrades

This section describes upgrading your AWSClusters and AWSNodePools.


You can update an AWSCluster to a new version of Anthos clusters on AWS without updating your AWSNodePools.


You cannot update an AWSNodePool to a version newer than your AWSCluster. To update your AWSNodePools, you must first update your AWSCluster.

Your AWSNodePools version must be no less than two minor versions behind your AWSCluster version.


This section describes Anthos clusters on AWS versions and support for versions.

Versioning support

Versioning schema

Anthos clusters on AWS Kubernetes versions look like this: X.Y.Z.-gke.N.

Major version (X)
Major versions introduce backward incompatible changes.
Minor versions (X.Y)
Minor versions typically introduce new functionality.
Patch versions (X.Y.Z-gke.N)

Patch versions include fixes and security updates. Patch versions do not typically introduce new features.

A patch version release number ends in -gke.N, where N is a number.

Versioning cadence

Anthos clusters on AWS releases:

  • Minor versions: approximately every three months
  • Patch versions: every month

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