Configure AlloyDB Omni

This page shows how to configure AlloyDB Omni after you have installed it.

Configure your data directory location

AlloyDB Omni has a default configuration file named dataplane.conf that's present in the /var/alloydb/config directory. Configuring your data directory location involves creating a directory and updating the DATADIR_PATH variable in the dataplane.conf file.

To update the DATADIR_PATH variable in dataplane.conf, run the following command:

sudo sed -i "s|^\(DATADIR_PATH=\).*|\1DATA_DIRECTORY|" /var/alloydb/config/dataplane.conf

Replace DATA_DIRECTORY with the full filesystem path to the existing directory that you want to contain your AlloyDB Omni data.

Alternately, use a text editor to open dataplane.conf and update the value of the DATADIR_PATH directive.

Configure other server options

The /var/alloydb/config directory also contains the following two standard PostgreSQL configuration files:

The AlloyDB Omni installer populates both of these files with default values to get you started. You can update both files in whatever way is appropriate for your own needs.

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