Get a dataset (beta)

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Get a dataset from a given Google Cloud project.

Code sample


To learn how to install and use the client library for Data Labeling Service, see Data Labeling Service client libraries. For more information, see the Data Labeling Service Python API reference documentation.

def get_dataset(dataset_resource_name):
    """Gets a dataset for the given Google Cloud project."""
    from import datalabeling_v1beta1 as datalabeling

    client = datalabeling.DataLabelingServiceClient()

    response = client.get_dataset(request={"name": dataset_resource_name})

    print("The dataset resource name: {}\n".format(
    print("Display name: {}".format(response.display_name))
    print("Description: {}".format(response.description))
    print("Create time:")
    print("\tseconds: {}".format(response.create_time.timestamp_pb().seconds))
    print("\tnanos: {}".format(response.create_time.timestamp_pb().nanos))

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