Quickstart for using public assets

This guide introduces you to the public assets on AI Hub that you can use to build your artificial intelligence (AI) systems. As an example, this guide shows you how to find a Jupyter notebook and open it on Colaboratory (Colab). The example notebook guides you through the process of training two TensorFlow image classification models using the MNIST dataset.

Find and use a Jupyter notebook

Follow these steps to find a notebook that uses the MNIST dataset and then open the notebook in Colab:

  1. Go to AI Hub.
  2. Click Notebooks under Category in the left-hand panel of the page. A list of notebooks appears in the right-hand panel.
  3. Enter mnist into the search box at the top of the page, to filter the list of notebooks.
  4. Scan the page for a notebook named Classifying Handwritten Digits, and click the name of the notebook. AI Hub displays a description of the notebook and information on how to use it.
  5. Click Open Colab notebook under Use this asset. The notebook opens in a new browser tab.
  6. Follow the instructions in the Colab notebook to train two TensorFlow image classification models and visualize the results. If you need help with using the notebook interface, click Help in the Colab menu.
  7. Return to AI Hub when you're ready to discover more AI frameworks and tools.

What's next

  • Understand important concepts and terms by reading the introduction to AI Hub.
  • Explore other asset categories on AI Hub, by clicking a category in the left-hand panel and following the prompts to open and use the asset.
  • Get started uploading assets on AI Hub.