Known issues

This page describes known issues that you might encounter while using Cloud Workstations.

VPC subnet cannot overlap with range

The workstation service reserves the subnet for running containers on the workstation VMs. The VPC subnet used by your workstation cluster cannot overlap with this range. To prevent workstation startup failure, make sure you configure your subnet to avoid this range.

Workbench failed to connect to server

This error indicates the editor is unable to establish a WebSocket connection to the base editor. This is usually due to an intermediary proxy or network configuration blocking WebSocket traffic, or blocking traffic to * domains.

If you aren't sure how to resolve the traffic issue, contact your network administrator.

Disabling the Cloud Workstations API doesn't delete Cloud Workstations resources

Disabling the Cloud Workstations API doesn't delete Cloud Workstations resources. To avoid being billed, you must delete the underlying Cloud Workstations resources.

Environment variables set on the workstation configuration are not set in SSH sessions

Environment variable set at the workstation configuration or workstation level are not set in the SSH sessions by default, and instead require the use of a custom image.

IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs

The following features of the IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs extension are not available, due to limitations on JetBrains Gateway:

  • Debug on Kubernetes
  • Debug a locally running Cloud Run service

Google Cloud CLI can't find my command

If the gcloud CLI can't find your command, update to the current version:

gcloud components update

Also, make sure that you use current Cloud Workstations gcloud CLI syntax. For help, see gcloud workstations --help. As noted in the gcloud CLI release levels, alpha and beta commands may change without notice.